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After Tokyo and Nagano Prefecture merged,

When anyone, but is that thinking also anywhere in the prefecture, Tokyo and Nagano Prefecture merged,
Population decline of Nagano Prefecture, to resolve. Nagano Prefecture has a population of 2.129 million people, births 16,481 people,
Death number 24,374 people, migrant number 34.498 people, migrant number 36.475 people, increase or decrease the number of negative
In 12.067 people, on the other hand, Tokyo has a population of 13,350,000 people, births 112,316 people,
Number 112,465 deaths, migrant number 956,076 people, migrant number 853,870 people, the number increases or decreases
Because it is 71,423 people, not only in Nagano Prefecture, and suffer from population decline, a few provinces at a time,
Even merged with Tokyo, is still, it seems that he can afford. Nagano Prefecture, because there are a lot of vacant houses is, to those who want to live in rent free, to those of individuals, and how is it to be give out the rent. And, for those of spend in the way and nursing homes you are under treatment in the long term in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will come to such as Nagano Prefecture of hot spring, for those who had you come to Nagano Prefecture, a method of capital issues a stay expenses How is. Hotels in Nagano Prefecture of hot springs and tourist destinations, the audience is decreasing. In addition, also in Tokyo, some people want to make something to eat on their own with their own hands and seems to have many. We recommend the use of fallow field of Nagano. A day or two a month, Saturday, using Sunday or holiday,
And I think that the person who is the agriculture in Nagano Prefecture. After Tokyo and Nagano Prefecture merged,
Although I think many there is a new way of life.
In addition, it was spokesman Samantha.




I'm Samantha.

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