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Also this year, we goodbye and many people

3 people of acquaintance did you died in pancreatic cancer and liver cancer in a week.
Respectively, or is surgery, but is there was a medical treatment was history, it seems he had not think that he died of cancer. It also, by the back hurts, go to the hospital, Irasshaimasu also those who died and hospitalized after 10 days as it is. In addition, in August heavy rain, the dead in Hiroshima City,
Missing person is folded 74 people, houses destroyed was also up to 133 units.
Furthermore, occurred on September 27, in the eruption of Ontakesan, passed away 56 people contact, even if A couple of people now remains of the missing.
It became us died, who is, in any case, heavy rain and volcanic eruptions,
In expect to die I think were not. Along with aging,
Seems to become many people to a lonely death. Are you worried about the lonely death, however, post-clean up is, but I read it as because it is very, Is it just me.
In addition, it was spokeswoman Samantha.




I'm Samantha.

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