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Drifting post office

Drifting post office is that of the old Awashima post office.
In there, this, there is a description.

Small island of screw type in the Seto Inland Sea, is located in the part of just navel of Awashima. Here in the past a lot of things, things, people were Nagaretsuki.
Here is a post office that accepts a letter of unknown addressee,
In the form of "drifting poste restante", I will keep it for you drifted a letter to PO Box drifting until it reaches the presence of destination unknown someday.
I also accept in the past / present / future / stuff / things / people what addressed.
Someday somewhere someone addressed the letter is coming here someday I washed ashore on you. Drifting postal worker

Shoot the clerk to drifting post office, is so able to read by opening the mail that arrived in drifting post office. The other day, I also, recently, to the email address of the person who was passed away, everyone we are living in good spirits, and wrote,
I sent a mail.
In addition, it was spokeswoman Samantha.




I'm Samantha.

  • プロフィール
  • サマンサ
  • サマンサは猫です。
  • 広報担当の三毛猫です。
  • サマンサ日記は、
  • 猫の目線から見える世界を
  • 綴った研究雑感です。

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