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As expected, it seems to be the one losing of Japan

The United States Department of Agriculture, if the tariff in 2025 in the TPP agreement was completely abolished,
Summarizes the report that agricultural trade negotiations participating 12 countries were predicted how the change.
According to this report, Japan agriculture, is expected to become a nearly one person losing.
Business opportunities Japan agriculture, even if there especially in rice cultivation, rice cultivation of the United States switched to japonica rice, furthermore, also rice cultivation of Vietnam, currently, the japonica rice
Per 60㎏, is produced in about 1200 yen, and have exported Koshihikari in Europe.
In the local verification of Japan's rice growers, Japan and the equivalent of quality rice, it can be produced in about 4000 yen, seems like Japanese trading companies have also started preparing in anticipation of TPP.
However, in opposition to the US that are sold by by cultivation at 1,200 yen and it seems that there is no possibility that you can sell the rice that is grown at 4000 yen.
TPP is as clearly one person losing of Japan.
In addition, it was spokeswoman Samantha.




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