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Election coverage was interesting

For LDP TV station, a petition seeking such as fairness neutrality of election coverage
and seems to have found that was passing. Such as collected way of street interviews,
and attached to the structure of the program, content to determine the fine attention to the fact of the unusual,
seems to rise also voice concerns hit the intervention in the editing rights.
However, if you look from media outlets, by editing method, the feelings of the audience
and how the move is also the arm of the show office. In the movie, director and
You made ​​the idea of performers and staff, election coverage in a fair position
. I think that it is therefore necessary to broadcast, and decided only time as personal speech,
making the idea of each party I think better to broadcast submit those, but
the viewer is not interesting, because you may not see at all, the viewer
does not see that it is not started from that show the election coverage. Show interesting the election coverage,
but it is difficult.
In addition, it was spokeswoman Samantha.
PS, seems to require popular person in each party.




I'm Samantha.

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