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In the inner I have Fukkoku a book of Japanese paper

UNESCO, open the Intergovernmental Committee in Paris headquarters, the Japanese government has recommended,
that you register paper, a Japanese hand漉和paper technology as intangible cultural heritage
decided. This time registered Japanese paper, is designated as an important intangible cultural heritage of the country
are, Ishi-shu rice paper and this Minogami, is composed of three paper technology of Hosokawa paper, craftsman
save organizations to make in et al., raw materials of paper mulberry traditional use only bark
I am told to protect the process. Ishi-shu rice paper is registered in 2009, but
the government so that it re-registered as a Japanese paper of technology plus this Minogami and Hosokawa paper
had been extended proposed. UNESCO auxiliary agency makes a preliminary review,
as to be registered in the intangible cultural heritage, it was recommended to October this year.
According to the Agency for Cultural Affairs, in addition to the features of durable and soft Japanese paper, successor of training,
experience business in school, to save activities are underway in areas such as cultivation promotion of mulberry
also have, seems to have been highly praised. In the inner, the books of the Edo era
is printed on Japanese paper, further, we have Fukkoku in the Japanese-style book binding book.
This time, it seems there is no evaluation of those who are using the Japanese paper. Hey, lonely.
In addition, it was spokeswoman Samantha.
Postscript, parties are Japanese paper manufacturing Congratulations.




I'm Samantha.

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