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Marimo is Japan origin

Inhabit in about 220 locations, origin of Marimo it is Kushiro City Board of Education, which is a Japan
seems to have revealed in the study of Marimo laboratory. Migratory birds that ate the Marimo was spread
seen as, and the Akan of Kushiro, of Myvatn lake of about 8500㎞ away Iceland
is so Marimo has been confirmed to have the same gene. Marimo in freshwater lakes
have been specified in the endangered species of the Ministry of the Environment in the green algae that live, and gregarious in sphere
It seems just Akan and Myvatn lake of that. Researchers and such as the Netherlands
jointly in Japan and Germany, Finland, of Marimo the lake, such as 33 places Iceland
to investigate the gene, the oldest type of ancestor type if you are focused on Japan, the ancestral
the most time Marimo on the grounds such as that which was superimposed a mutation located in the Lake Biwa over the
seems Japan concluded that origin. In addition, the transmitted was timing 130000-70000 years continent
between the front, 10 000 years ago since the last glacial period, such as swans and ducks ate Marimo
migratory birds becomes transportation officer, was included in the Hun Marimo from the cells and body with spores
is so believed to have spread to a wide area of the Northern Hemisphere. It amazing me nature.
In addition, it was spokeswoman Samantha.




I'm Samantha.

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