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Border with animals

According to the newsletter, in northern Tanzania Babati district, Masai is a 6 lions
seems to have killed. It is that of a retaliation to the fact that livestock donkey was attacked.
Government officials of sad lion that there is extinction of danger was killed, and said,
seems to have revealed a policy to identify the person responsible for prosecution. Lion is about 100 km away
is seen to have come from the National Park, Masai Other bow and arrow, with a gun of at least 1 Ding
was dared lion hunting. At that time, that 4 people were injured. Tanzania and
in recent years in neighboring Kenya, from the fact that approaching areas inhabited by wild animals and people,
is so cases lion attacking livestock has increased. Kenya of
2012 in the capital Nairobi suburbs, residents were angry that the goat was attacked is,
is there was a thing that killed the lion 6 horses with a spear. In Japan, bears live in human
only did haunt the region, it seems to slaughter. Can the rule of the animals
still seems take time.
In addition, it was spokeswoman Samantha.
PS, cats and humans, security of the dog and the human beings, we are progressing from 80% about 90%.




I'm Samantha.

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