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From the value, you look at the thought of last year.
In 2014, baby of Japanese who were born in the country, was 1.001 million people.
This is the so found in the demographic statistics of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, in so far,
it seems the fewest. The number of post-war, most of 1.269 million people died,
attrition of population minus the number of births, 268,000 personality, reduced width
has been updated up to the past. Number of births decreased 29 000 people from the previous year,
I recorded a minimum of four consecutive years. Finally, one million people stand I was maintained.
Marriage than the previous year, 12 000 pairs less, in the post-war minimum of 649 000 pairs,
divorce was a 9000 set less 222 000 pairs. The cause of death As usual, cancer,
heart disease, pneumonia, brain vascular disease accounted for the top.
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