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From where, do not know went to high speed

Around 50 pm on January 19 6:00 pm, Saga Prefecture Kanzaki of Nagasaki Expressway Higashisefuri IC
in Kibaru tunnel doorway near the Saga Yamato IC between the up line from,
we have been reverse run of Fukuoka Prefecture Yame Kurogi men ( 88), such as passenger cars
is so total of five cars are involved collision accident happened. And men, riding on the wagon
is two office workers of Minoshima Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City was injured. Under the influence of an accident,
up line between the IC became impassable for about 3 hours.
Saga Prefectural Police are investigating a such as reverse run of reasons, men, from where,
do not know what got into high speed, and the talking is called. Actually, I also
at the entrance and exit of the highway, you might likely wrong.
At the entrance and exit of the highway, if there is no room to see the label
there, it seems that many car that ran with the front of the car. The previous car
and is good if you have, but if there is no previous car, the speed at which it passes is
seems to be a thing again with labeled early. For this reason, in the old direction
and Toka increase the label, you must have the Toka devised to continuous mark of the arrow.
Where from, do not know went to high speed, it is certainly likely.
In addition, it was spokeswoman Samantha.




I'm Samantha.

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