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After exposure, vitamin C

According to the newspapers of news, such as occurring bone marrow damage when it is exposed to high radiation dose
for radiation damage, the research team of Boeiidai is, a large amount of vitamin C, immediately
the results of studies it is assumed that can significantly reduce that it be administered , it seems to have published in the US scientific journal.
I do not know the cat, but when exposed to high doses of radiation to the whole body, a strong oxidizing action
active oxygen with occurs in large quantities in the cell, active oxygen damage such as cell membranes and genes,
such as bone marrow and intestinal tract Yes there is a risk of damaging the organ. Therefore, active oxygen
has antioxidant to suppress, focusing on vitamin C, of about 7.5 Sv be lethal
radiation of high amounts by irradiating the 30 mice, and examined the effect after administration of vitamin C was
yes. As a result, 15 animals which were administered a large amount of vitamin C in the body weight 1 kg per 3g is
damage to bone marrow cells is suppressed and 14 animals survived, with the Eight to 15 mice nothing administration,
bone marrow cells were killed It is so dead in 1-2 weeks Te. And to say that, exposure likely
to place, or let's plant more food of vitamin C.
In addition, it was spokeswoman Samantha.
The food




I'm Samantha.

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