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Also drank a gastrointestinal drug people of Edo Period

Had been stored in Tottori city of old family, can be seen as those of the late Edo period,
a long-established pharmaceutical company founded in 1658, gastrointestinal agents of Arikawa pharmaceutical, God Christian circles
seems to have found remains of figure at the time. Kami-kyomaru is, of long-lived longevity
is said to have been made ​​on the basis of the teachings of the famous Taga Taisha as God
in the red of gastrointestinal drugs, it is so still have manufacturing.
The book of the Edo era of medicine, as belly drugs, has also been published mummy.
Edo Period, mummy seemed expensive belly drugs, fake alternative to mummy
seems to have been around even medicine. Only color and shape are similar, as medicine
seems to have used. Also in its fake, is a drug that does not work and work medicine
seems to have had. Now, you are advertised on TV, well as health food, it does not work
because it is so there is a lot of things, and the Edo era of medicine to laugh
you can not.
In addition, it was spokeswoman Samantha.




I'm Samantha.

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