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Can not sleep with the stomach is free

According to the Gifushinbunsha article, fall prey in the poor harvest last year, bear in Gifu prefecture
is so sightings have been reported in the early pace than usual.
Haunt of bear is that of the previous years around April. Experts, last year in the fall,
such as can not be eating bait bear is sufficiently in poor harvest acorns, hibernation period
seems to point out that there is a possibility that the shortened.
Such as acorn has not been stored food in large poor harvest, bears fall into lack physical strength,
there is a possibility of looking for food and finished early hibernation, it is said that the analysis and.
On the other hand, the future haunt it is a difficult likely to foresee or subsequent, for physical fitness sparing,
waiting for the buds of wild plants, it is a also a certain, if you want to hibernate long.
In addition, it was spokeswoman Samantha.
PS, the cat, and then you also feed your flavor, cat dedicated heating, there is also a kotatsu.




I'm Samantha.

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