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Housing 93%, roads and farmland 92%, was able to 97% decontamination

From the Ministry of the Environment, for decontamination associated with TEPCO Fukushima first nuclear power plant accident,
the progress of 2014 end of December 7 Prefecture 58 municipalities with the exception of Fukushima Prefecture,
there was announced. About 140 000 households subject of housing decontamination is completed work at 93%,
seems to have gone up 4 points from the time of the 2014 end of September. Roads and farmland 92%,
97%, forest close to the living area is so were 66 percent increased 14 points.
In 58 municipalities, perform the decontamination in the financial support of the country, in the pollution situation emphasis the study area,
the work is completed at this within 18 municipalities, in 27 municipalities, it seems to have almost completed.
The forest close to the living area, in any area, whether there is much of the area,
I do not know exactly, by contaminants such as rain and snow, from the highlands to the plains
it is also believed to be moved, the future is the measurement data is worry.
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