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In net, the culprit has been arrested

The net, IS countries is said to have originated, Goto Kenji's slain scene
but had been countless posted, for the past three days I was no longer visible.
Yesterday's newspapers, the TV stations of news, junior high school freshman boy in the riverbed of Kawasaki
murder, in derelict incident, police, seen and was acting in conjunction with the boys
any from such older boy in solidified a policy of listening, and of But that, already,
in the net, each person, this is a criminal, that with a comment, and criminal
human face photos and biographies that appeared, other such action range, address, name, also like the nickname
has been posted. Not only are listed, on Twitter, the countless,
are retweets, we are spreading. Moreover, further, it has been written with the diffusion hope.
In the net, it seems the culprit has been arrested. Also a minor, regardless,
the names are also address also been published face.
In addition, it was spokeswoman Samantha.




I'm Samantha.

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