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Indeed, electricity prices have been reduced

Signal of the light-emitting diode, it is high power-saving effect, because less heat
in the winter, not melt the snow that arrived on the lens of the traffic signal, visible from the driver
's right complaints and difficult to have one after another. On the other hand, using a light emitting diode
in plant factories, when it has been used a light bulb or a fluorescent lamp, since the heating value was greater,
and from changes in but seems were less able to warm emitting diode,
and for heating fuel consumption, such as kerosene seems to have increased. Moreover, the mushroom plant,
to show a delicious, light for coloring the mushroom, the light emitting diode
showed that, again, the heating value is small, the circulation of cultivation building interior air is deteriorated,
leaving the mycelia, and carbonate not gas is diluted and affect the growth of mushrooms
have. Therefore, as the quality of the mushrooms does not fall, the air using a fan
and are stirred. Although power consumption has been reduced, calorific value is reduced, it is in trouble
In addition, it was spokeswoman Samantha.




I'm Samantha.

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