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The coral, I bad, it is in it

According to the Sydney AFP = current events, the world's largest coral reef of Australia northeast off the coast of
the Great Barrier Reef, and eat a small plastic, is that there are coral
seems to have revealed in the study of experts. The magazine "Marine Biology"
According to the study, which was published, was taken from the Great Barrier Reef, coral the
place where it was placed in a contaminated with plastic water, coral marine plankton
plastic in almost the same momentum as when you eat and so ate,
seems to increasingly adversely affect the marine life and the food chain.
But, it is, but bad in the coral, it is in it, the sea, plastic pollution
and I think is that is reduced from. In it, the favorite coral plastic
Why is not there a way to increase. Once again, it is not only a human selfishness. 
In addition, it was spokeswoman Samantha.




I'm Samantha.

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