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Mummy will talk about various

In Pico de Orizaba, Mexico's highest, is so mummy 2 bodies have been found.
Previously, in the Alps glacier, in 1991, was discovered in mummy, about 5300 years
ago in the middle-aged men, Iceman, eye color is brown, blood type is O type
of potential milk was not good It is said was found to be high. Germany
international research team, such as Sarando University all the genetic information of the cell nucleus DNA
in outcomes was the first decipher, the British science journal Nature Communications
and has been published February 29, 2011 in the figure. Iceman Neolithic
have been actively studied in order to elucidate the late humanity, in the mid-40s
and received an arrow to the left shoulder, beaten face with a weapon if you are found to have died,
in 2008 cells is decrypted also genome of organelles mitochondria, the descendants
are known to survive. Such a thing is why do know, and divided the cat
does not Ri, It is amazing me science. Yesterday, was discovered in Mexico,
and I think you will know the various things from the mummy.
In addition, it was spokeswoman Samantha.




I'm Samantha.

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