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Time of power failure, and what has become the heating

According to the Chubu Electric Power, March 2, 05:35 time, transmission line connecting the Shinano substation and Makoto Azuma substation
failure occurs at 270 000 5kV Shinano Makoto Azuma line, is up to 38 million units in Nagano Prefecture, northern and central power outage is,
sequentially, recovery work but seems to be done, we are continuing power failure also currently in wide area.
In addition, the operation in Nagano Shinkansen Karuizawa - some sections of Nagano Station or between the prefecture railway
addition to being suspended, but was also disappeared road traffic in many places, according to the Nagano prefectural police,
information such as the big trouble and accidents for now It is that of A does not contain.
Fortunately, although Uchiha electric did not power failure, go into March, but now warm,
still, it is below zero. When it stops electricity, I will if heating. Kerosene, gas, such as cooler
or ignition none in electricity, I have a temperature adjustment. For the event of a power failure, do not need electric
I'm also required heater. When it stops electricity when the Great East Japan Earthquake, the car in the family
to is so people also had survived in the heater, you can tie the damaged house of wood in the drums
were some people took the warm. So, if there is no rice cooker, but some people who do not cook the rice.
In addition, it was spokeswoman Samantha.




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