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From Japan Meteorological Agency, in the Sea of Okhotsk, the most spread of time was during this year's sea ice season from last year
sea ice area area, there was announced that only about 670 000 4800㎢. The conventional recording
is less than 200 000 square kilometers near, and became the smallest prospect since 1970 - of '46 statistics start
to tells. On the other hand, according to the AFP, Antarctic plummeted ice the ice floor protecting covering the
by, the research report that it is assumed that in some areas was reduced by nearly 20 percent, the United States science journal
so was published in Science electronic version is. Antarctic ice thickness of the average 400 ~ 500m
there is, away several hundred km from Antarctica, but also that it has reached offshore,
and this ice is too thin, it melts in the ice sheet is slid into the sea started, sea level rise
is so there is a possibility of advancing rapidly. How do I.
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