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I eat what is around

Brown bear of Hokkaido rapidly herbivorous of the thing is Hokkaido and Kyoto of the Meiji era
seems to have found in a study. The analyzes of the respective ages of the bone that has been saved,
is most likely possibility that the development of Hokkaido affected. Brown bear plants and insects,
such as fish, but seems to eat the plants and animals obtained by habitat, North American
brown bear eats a lot of fellow deer and salmon, but the brown bear of Hokkaido wipe and
around the plant, such as arguta seems to eat. Research group, eastern and
with the cooperation the brown bear bones of Donan, such as from a museum, the ratio changes to be included in the bone
by analyzing such as carbon and nitrogen, the age of the bone, before the development of Hokkaido, early development, 1931
~ 1942, modern, and is divided into three periods since 1996, to examine the things that brown bear ate
yes. around the brown bear is living, inhabits to have and insects and fish breeding
that you are eating the plants, but you can imagine me also of cat, now of Japan, around the world
to collect food from I'll have to eat, and be analyzed the bones of human and pet dogs and cats,
it is what was eating like a brown bear, I think I do not know.
In addition, it was spokeswoman Samantha.
PS, now, I, Samantha, cheap price, Kagoshima Prefecture of companies are manufacturing
have gotten a pet food. The Kagoshima there is a processing plant of a lot of bonito
so, seems to be processing the remains to feed the cat.




I'm Samantha.

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