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Okaya wildfire reblogged extinguished

March 31, the wildfires that occurred in Nagano Prefecture Okaya, April 2, 9:47, extinguished and
is so evacuation preparation information has also been released. Evacuation location than the site of wildfires, far
in so that elementary and junior high schools have been specified, the neighborhood association, if the securing of foot that evacuation
seems there has been a debate whether to. On the other hand, of Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Nishi-Kanda 25-story
in Quay house, and Tour of the happened fire on March 2, at least 20 or more residents,
it seems to have found that were evacuated in the elevator. Elevator is a power failure
because there is a risk that can be trapped, refuge in the stairs principle, Tokyo Fire Department
seems to teach that you do not use the elevator. 25-story also is said to
stairs of, for the elderly, but it is very.
In addition, it was spokeswoman Samantha.




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