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Total lunar eclipse the night of April 4

Tomorrow, the night of April 4 is so total lunar eclipse occurs. To the end from the beginning of the partial eclipse
can be seen, the duration of the total eclipse is about 12 minutes, partial eclipse is at around 19:15
start, total eclipse is so starting from around 20:54. Is to become the largest food
at around 21:00, around 21:06, but is so total eclipse ends, part diet
is so that you can enjoy up to 45 minutes at around 10 pm. 4 day and night weather, go to the north
is a moderately sunny prospects. Also the other day, but I will tell, this is you were a total solar eclipse,
will not be able to supply power from the solar power, you will panic. For the total solar eclipse
measures, I guess be required.
In addition, it was spokeswoman Samantha.




I'm Samantha.

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  • 広報担当の三毛猫です。
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