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Proverb list of cat

◎ cat forehead, meaning narrow, ◎ cat face, that of the dimensions of the jammed round face, ◎ like a cat's eyes, cat eyes the size of the pupil varies by light plugging, to rapidly change of heart thing , that people who change of heart, ◎ cat eye and autumn sky, be referred to as easy to both Instead, ◎ matching tail of a cat or without, refers to second son son of farmers, simply that the cat's tail it is, kitten even some of that grow in the tail of the mother cat, ◎ competent cat hide the nail, it is not Dasa the nails well catch cats usually a mouse, ◎ also cool summer and kitten nose and Atagoyama , cat nose always cold thing, ◎ six circle (circle) clause fifty-seven eggs (egg) to the four-bee species form nine of persimmon (below) needle (beam), by the pupil of the form and time six One Marc when o'clock morning and evening of 6, fifty-seven oval in o'clock and 16 o'clock 8 am, forty-eight 10 o'clock and 14 o'clock in the persimmon seeds morning, nine as the needle in the 12:00 noon to become, ◎ can not eat hot food, the cat's tongue is good at those hot sensitive to temperature, ◎ can not eat hot food of long bath filled, making the Nagayu to tepid bath, ◎ the cat is hot is only the 3rd of dog days, that cat gully cold, ◎ cat squeal eating, eating with intimidation and trying your own meal other, ◎ of cat and eat leaves, cat will be the leftovers to tell the territory, used to children's upbringing words to crack, ◎ blowfish the eating cats, from the fact that the cat can become dizzy and eat the Blowfish, coward, that of wimp, ◎ cat also drink tea, to rest, closed a further than chasing ◎ cat, the incident that to resolve better is the removal of the cause, ◎ turban shell cat, if not even if be in favorite food, ◎ cat takes a rat even small, can not go be a fool to be small, ◎ cats and glanced rats, and enthusiasm to The whom, ◎ cat to take a mouse does not emit sound, not wriggle thing you know the trump card, ◎ rather than cat does not take a rat, skillful ones of mouth is lacking to run, ◎ rejoice is a rat and is not a cat, that you remove the buds that there is no suppressed, ◎ cornered rat bite the cat, that you bite the cat in and cornered is when the rats, that can become stronger when it comes to emergency at wimp, tin neck ◎ cat, can It is that there is no so, ◎ Kawaigari cat, only the Mushoni to Kawaigaru that cat, ◎ Konaki who love cats, woman with no children there are many people who love cats, people you do not love something Even if not live, ◎ eldest child of cats better not kept, it is graces mother since entering the mother cat forever the eldest child of the cat, that of Oedipus complex, cliff takes of got cliff daughter-in-law of ◎ cat of a child, initially to be cherished Therefore rarity, ◎ cat Mali, that you are playful without Aki forever, ◎ cat in paper bag, to recoil, ◎ Tulloch walk next to the cat, stupid cat in the sense that the Tulloch stupid be hanging around the neighborhood is, ◎ cat walk, to walk without making a sound, ◎ cat cold love, the cat that you love from the cold weather, ◎ cat will not rain impatient and snow, the cat will love Nowadays does not rain snow, ◎ cat thing roof crows that on top of the tree, there is a respective whereabouts, ◎ Silvervine to cat, the cat is Actinidia is like more than anything else, dried bonito Silvervine to cat, to prostitute oval, the cat , Menoko to Silvervine crowd southern cat (Aomori), ◎ cat to turn the bonito, that not to turn, ◎ cat stride, that of bad fish, ◎ cat Baba to not know over the soil on top of the waste thing, to hide wrongdoing, ◎ dissimulation, that the surface you do not manifested quiet nature, there is also such borrowed cat has been, borrowed cat, ◎ cat guts, that you do not know the mind, ◎ cat fish decline, surface do not like to pretend, pretend, not eaten cat fish, poker face, ◎ cat of mutual hostility, that you blame the people that it was indebted, ◎ the child resentment of cat, blame it and tease the cat to the person's children, ◎ cat The reincarnation of millionaires, the cat is said in this way because it just sleeping during the day, it's a really nocturnal, ◎ cat reincarnation of Oyama, your Yamato things prostitute, whom a cat is Dakar to master, ◎ cat walk seven hotels in cats, that nocturnal, ◎ so that the cat uses a Chozu, to wash the face to about Sorry, ◎ fleas in cats teeth, fleas can not take even biting, that of Labour's Lost, ◎ If Kose ears to eyes eye cat rain, that cat rain if wash it past the ear when the wash the face, ◎ cat fish nurses of guardian angel, cat is said from the fact that the weather forecast can be, ◎ dog per person, cat get to the house, the dog keep up with even go to where Natsuki to the owner, but the cat is not Ika with, ◎ dog cat unexpected forget to turn it on if instead be three days and, from a human Do not forget the received kindness, ◎ dogs lose weight and Nabeul and fat cats Nabeul, that of the playful and the Nabeul, that differences in personality, ◎ dog cat couple, things unbecoming of a married couple,
 variety etc. , Yes you hey, saying dictionary, Kojien, we copy from, such as encyclopedia.
I think our cat'm long relationship with human beings. From a tired After peeps just heavy dictionaries, you can nap. Well see you, it was Samantha.




I'm Samantha.

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