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Do you only issue of research funding

According to the newspapers, the world run the computational speed of supercomputers
King, the TOP500 was announced at an international conference being held in Germany.
The Tianhe 2 of China's supercomputer center, plays a 5 consecutive, Japan's
RIKEN of today, we maintained the fourth place. TOP500 is twice a year
there is announcement, lineup of up to 5 the same as the last four times, second place, third place,
fifth place was the United States. RIKEN of Kyoto was the first place in 2011.
Computing speed of Tianhe 2 seems to have been per second 3 Kyoto 3862 trillion times in the 3.2 times of today.
In addition, of the top 500 aircraft, so the United States accounted for most of the 233 aircraft,
China decreased from the previous last year November 24 aircraft, will be on 37 aircraft, Japan is
the number it becomes 7 aircraft increase of 39 aircraft in it it seems to have exceeded the China. Previously,
Japan of today, there is such as not accustomed to the top from the difference remark of research funding
directly below is, what's really likely, rather than the cost of the problem
of capacity problems I feel like not zero. Here is a cat of criticism
from, please Oosame laughing.
In addition, it was spokeswoman Samantha.




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