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In fact there are towns and villages that disappeared in '10

January 1, 2015, the total population of Japan, from the previous year, 271,058 people less
seems to have become a 100 million 26,163,576 people. In birth who 1,003,554 people,
in the number of deaths is 1,270,311 people, a natural decrease the number, most past 266,757 people
seems to have recorded. Child population under the age of 15 though it was 16,310,018 people
against, 65 years of age or older of the elderly population is 32,680,764 people, the elderly population for the first time
becomes equal to or greater than 2 times the child population. In addition, the population ratio of three major metropolitan areas is 51.07%
and, I accounted for a majority of the country in nine consecutive years. The population has increased six prefectures, the
Tokyo (0.57%), Saitama (0.13%), Kanagawa (0.12%), Chiba (0.022%)
it has been included in four prefectures of. On the other hand, in the population has decreased 41 prefectures,
reduction rate is high prefecture, Akita (1.27%), Aomori (1.07%), Kochi (0.97%),
of the national 1747 municipalities, the population has decreased more than 80% in 1452 to,
reduction rate is high for the Tokyo Metropolitan Mikurajima, Tokyo (5.41%), Miyagi Prefecture Onagawa (5.37%),
it was such as Hokkaido Shosanbetsu (5.11%). that the rate of decrease is say 5%,
in '20, in fact, more difficult maintenance of towns and villages, in the half of '10, the towns and villages
will be to disappear.
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