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Leave it to rain or snow and wind

In the Matterhorn of the Alps, in 1970 the Japanese went missing
and seems to have found that had been found climbers two remains. The remains
discovered last year, the local Valais police has confirmed the identity with DNA analysis.
It remains is missing at that time, in those who lived in Chiba City and Sumida-ku, Tokyo, altitude
is so climbers found in the glacier of about 2800m. Global warming is a discovery place
go, climber's body found to have distress in the past have been found more than
it is. On the other hand, Nagano, disaster response headquarters of the prefectures Gifu last year, erupted
there was announced that abort the missing person five search of Ontakesan 3067m.
It is not something that can be convinced to bereaved family, but in disaster prevention helicopter of the province in the future
is so perform a site verification irregularly. The erosion of the volcanic ash by rain and snow and the wind
seems to be to wait.
In addition, it was spokeswoman Samantha.




I'm Samantha.

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