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The 1st 30,000 shipped possible lettuce plant

Kyoto company to expand the vegetable plant business is a fully automated lettuce manufacturing plant
is unlikely to construction. In shipment price @ 100 yen of lettuce, the 1st 30,000, 365 days a year
when you ship sales will be 1 billion 95 million. Plant factory is, so far,
mushroom, trefoil, strawberries, etc. has been put to practical use, many of the plant factory operating stop
has become. The reason is the loss of the sales price. In the case of mushroom, initially,
100 g, but was sold at 180 yen to 200 yen, the cultivation plant is increased
and brought to decrease, it becomes around 20 yen per 100g, it is now the factory has been culled,
and 30 It has remained in the yen to 60 yen. In the case of the plant factory lettuce, first of all, the weight is
less than half of the open culture, also considered the shipment of the order of 20%, the price per one,
we will think about 40 yen to 50 yen. Whether possible cultivation throughout the year at this price
is an important issue. The cultivation of lettuce appears to year 20 ℃ about,
winter heating, summer cooling is required, if it can be cultivated by paying the electric bill
has attracted the attention either.
In addition, it was spokeswoman Samantha.




I'm Samantha.

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