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Insect soy sauce

Instead of soy, the locusts and grasshoppers was in raw materials, the development of insect source,
soy sauce birthplace, has been promoted using the wisdom of the craftsman of Wakayama Prefecture Yuasa-cho,
yes. If the protein is contained in the raw material so can soy sauce,
fish sauce is also has a fish and seafood in raw materials, certain companies, with starfish
fish sauce had been the development of the failure, So , starfish and was in raw materials,
but had been studying the food of cats and dogs, this is also, such as the fish head and fin in seasoning
If you do not use a lot of, not Could eat the cat or dog-like, commercialization I can not
was. In Nagano, you can eat locusts in sake of fish, but the Great East Japan earthquake and later,
locusts is not in stock from the Northeast, it also becomes difficult to buy boiled locusts in Nagano
has. Nagano Prefecture cat I also the fact that contained a large number of locusts from northeast
, but did not know, that, that make the insect soy sauce in locusts, business manner
is whether that can be, I do not know. And so can technically, San
pull has been sold. However, you can eat the insects, to be available space
has been hailed as the food.
In addition, it was spokeswoman Samantha.




I'm Samantha.

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