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Organisms that inhabit using electrical energy

Sunlight in the energy, the synthesis of starch from carbon dioxide
as, part of the organism, has made ​​himself the nutrients necessary for the maintenance of life.
To make the nutrients, energy but is required, sunlight reach
the environment does not, of chemicals such as hydrogen, sulfur, known as chemically synthesized biological
seems there are organisms that utilize energy. In this way, carbon dioxide
organisms produce nutrients from, whether either of photosynthesis or chemical synthesis far
it had been believed to be used, does not reach the sunlight in 2010
the electricity in deep-sea hydrothermal environment is very Make sure that the well is passed through rock is abundant, in
the hot water spout from under the seabed and discovered that current is generated by contact with the rock
is so was. From these, some of the organisms that inhabit the ocean floor, light and chemical substances
or not alive by using the electricity as a third of the energy an alternative to,
the place where the research is hypothesized that it was carried out, iron oxide a kind of bacteria, dioxide
and seems to have discovered that having the ability to synthesize organic matter from carbon.
The iron oxidizing bacteria, the ability to enhance a small potential difference of about 0.3V to more than 1V
have, seems to allow the use of very weak electrical energy.
Following the light and chemicals, electricity is third in the energy to support the food chain on the planet
seems to be that the secret of the creatures of the deep seabed go gradually Tokiakasa.
We were using a Yahoo! news.
We look forward to future research.
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