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Thing of all-electric satellite

JAXA is the electric propulsion of satellite engine to target the launch of the 2021 fiscal year
is replaced, it seems to studying of all-electric satellite.
Significantly reduces the fuel load of the artificial satellite, with technology leading to higher performance,
and an important satellite for Japan, it is so aim a dramatic technology improvement.
Intense communication satellite and broadcast satellite competition among satellite, the ground about 30 000 6000km
If you are around the geostationary orbit of, in orbit and control using a satellite of the engine
, but we, now, mainstream chemical engine satellite the fuel, which accounts for half of the weight
required, space of equipment that can be installed is compressed, to the high performance neck
and seems to become. Therefore, the electric propulsion engine that was used in Hayabusa
seems to proceed with the development. Electric propulsion engines, thrust may be poor but efficient,
equipped with fuel it is only a about 1/5, overseas manufacturers have to precede the development
is so. What electric propulsion engine, and the same as the heater of the development of the vacuum tube,
but I ion by the temperature of the heater is out, of the surface of the metal and the metal
in the difference in shape, but the attitude of ions is to change, somehow temperature The
driving force will see that change by controlling. Satellite of the engine
I guess would be the electric shop of Japan to manufacture.
In addition, it was spokeswoman Samantha.




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