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Wow catch copy

Buckwheat is folded and the moon and the Buddha in Shinano, know anyone,
and I thought that it is the phrase of Issa, this clause, clause of Issa
than not is, is a leading theory that. Buckwheat or during
the month of Shinano Zenkoji Temple, and a parody of the original phrase of Issa, the
buckwheat industry people or not that made ​​for advertising, and
it is said. Yes, it's a catch copy.
Moon and Buddha and he is buckwheat in Shinano, the moon and the Buddha is that doubt
is not, but he is of buckwheat, woven or will do Who.
Why, while saying, Mr. soba is, also, today
we have the publicity of buckwheat.
In addition, it was spokeswoman Samantha.




I'm Samantha.

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