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Evaluation of large plant picture book

Murakoshi plant picture book and the comparison of Makino plant picture book: Murakoshi re-evaluation of the plant picture book, say
papers have been announced. It is Osawa obtained two teacher of paper of Iwate Medical University.
Since there is abstract, we will post. By pointing out bales Kozo, Makino plant picture book
is a difference in the clear that a series of plant picture book of Michio Murakoshi other than was present
was. There is a Makino Tomitaro al., "Japan plant picture book" is, "plant picture book" of Murakoshi
in order to verify the pointed out that is an update of the series of Murakoshi picture book and
compared the Makino picture book. About half of the figure of Makino Tomitaro al., "Japan plant picture book" to
be of "plant picture book" of Murakoshi, this picture book is not a work of Makino
were those. Part of the diagram Makino has added to this picture book is, then of "Makino
was also used in Japan plant picture book. " On the other hand, Murakoshi Michio at least three times
has compiled a plant picture book is over. Science education in elementary and secondary schools of the Meiji era
are those mainly of natural observation, then, Taisho, in early Showa
achievement that left the picture book is science education of Murakoshi should properly be evaluated.
The CiNii of article I as it is to copy and paste. In the shoot large plant picture book in PDF
it is. Hey, I'm glad.
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