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Please tell us the Heike story of the author

In Wikipedia for Heike story of the author, it has been written in the following manner.
There are ancient times a lot of theories about the author. The oldest was established in Kamakura late
in the "Tsurezuregusa" of Kenko Yoshida, Shinano Maetsukasa line length becomes (Yoshiharu line length of the Shinano)
is the author person of the story Heike, blind that raw Buddha (Shobutsu) tell monk
there is a description that it was the narrator. "When your of Toba Institute, Shinano Maetsukasa line length of practice
but Keru have honor to make a (snip) The Tale of the Heike this line length priest, Keru Ii and Namahotoke
keri not spoken to professors to blindness." (Essays in Idleness 226 stage )
Besides, since the raw Buddha was born Dongguk, the story of the samurai of thing and war
and that raw Buddha himself was recorded asked samurai directly, and even more raw Buddha and future generations
to the context of the biwa player such as are described, the description is quite detailed.
The Shinano Maetsukasa line length Naru person, Zhongshan in Ietsukasa that had served to Kujo Kenmi
whether not the line length Fujiwara Mori Shimono is (Fujiwara) Chunagon Arawaji grandson
has been estimated. In addition, "Sonpi Bunmyaku" and "Daigo Zatsu抄," "The Tale of the Heike complement闕剣wound"
in, still Tokinaga Hamuro grandson of Arawaji (Doshitsu Tokinaga, Mr. Fujiwara) has
been and is the author there. It should be noted that, in the theory that the line length Fujiwara "Shinano before Tsukasa
has been an error of Shimono before Tsukasa", "Shinano priest" both the coterie in Tsurezuregusa
wrote (Shinano Maetsukasa line length = Shinano priest = line length priest) .
So as a person with an edge in Shinano, and Honen disciple of the West Buddha with disciples of Shinran
there is a theory that the monk says. This Nishibotoke is, Otani Honganji and Yasushirakutera (Nagano Prefecture Shinonoi
According to the auspicious Shiozaki), Kotaro Umino draw the name group Shigeno's flow of Shinano country
has been and Yoshinaga (or Michihiro) the son of Saiwaioya, in the name of Dayu Bow SatoshiAkira
as strategist of Yoshinaka Kiso, a person who also appeared in this Heike story.
However, the theory that the same person the Yoshinaga Unno-SatoshiAkira and West Buddha is only tradition,
there is no historical basis for support. However, to the west of Yasushirakutera of Shinonoishiozaki Nagano
has Hase-dera Temple, there is a tomb of Umino line length, SatoshiAkira-Nishibotoke to the several hundred m south.
If the Tale of the Heike Yoshinaga Unno-SatoshiAkira and West Buddha wrote, Genpei Jōsuiki also
I think or not than may be the same person wrote.
While this question is are you several times, please tell us who the researcher.
In addition, it was the spokeswoman Samantha.




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