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Or about 8300 years ago of human bones is me what tell

According to the Asahi Shimbun, human bones excavated from the ruins of the Jomon era, to about 8300 years ago,
seems to have found that the ones that have been buried. To Kokugakuindaigaku was excavated
According, so it is the nation's oldest grade as burial human bones, in a grave dug in the ground
bending the knee, found in a posture with rounded body, found in many later Jomon early,
that Kusso in burial method, from the peripheral body is seen to have been wearing
was made ​​with shells, seems to have also found beads ball. Whole body bone in almost complete form
have left, Associate Professor of the University of Tokyo, which is responsible for the analysis of bone has a good state of preservation,
is so I expect that many of the information obtained. And the DNA analysis
and, yes examine the gender and age, genetic features. Earthenware and is from the field
stone, of sika deer and wild boar bones, seeds of the plant are also out in large numbers, the initial
thing of to be a clue to know the behavior and living conditions in the Jomon people of the mountainous areas.
On the other hand, in the method of burial and cremation as of now, the research basis even if DNA analysis
, but it seems that things are not what is also obtained, that's why, sparkling imported
in large tombstone, long posthumous name and law the name is perhaps necessary. Tombstone also posthumous Buddhist name and
Buddhist name no, do you human bones of about 8300 years we are going to do to us.
In addition, it was the spokeswoman Samantha.
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Or about 8300 years ago of human bones is me what tell




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