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Aso has erupted

Today, 01 o'clock 46 minutes on October 8, is so Aso in Kumamoto Prefecture erupted. Japan Meteorological Agency 03 hours 15 minutes,
announced the ash fall forecast, Kumamoto Prefecture, in Oita Prefecture, slightly with a large amount of ash from a large amount is expected
to, called for vigilance, such as refraining from going out to the extent that a large amount of ash is expected you have.
This time of the eruption height, have observed the 10,000 1000m of smoke, a small amount of ash is descending to Hyogo Prefecture,
has been expected to be that. Great Famine of Tenmei are to be caused by the eruption of Mount Asama. Tenmei
was in Nagano Prefecture Sakae Village in Asama eruption of, large Akiyama village at that time, the village had hotels 8 starve to death everyone
has disappeared. Before and after the Asama eruption, Iwaki in Aomori Prefecture, was also erupted. In addition,
Kira volcano of Iceland, June 8, 1783, touched ground water in magma, water vapor explosion
occurred, 130 things crater was born over the length of 26km, in the Kira volcano near Iceland,
80 of sheep %, starved to death more than 50% of cattle and horses, 21% of life also took a famine of residents has occurred
is so. Aso is eruption, is worried.
In addition, it was the spokeswoman Samantha.




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