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Wasabi is Japanese horseradish color but

The grip sushi Osaka sushi shop carrying a large amount of wasabi was offering to foreign tourists
, and in is a problem that is, in the article that Japan Tourism Agency has announced eight years ago, a variety of food culture and food habits
Yes corresponding manual to foreigners has been renewed attention with. Of foreigners
in, although one is so Some people use up a single batter wasabi in the diet, an appropriate amount of wasabi
seems to differ from country to country by the people I. Previously, measure the color of the kneading wasabi and Neri mustard in a study
, but I was a research, even though the contents of the kneading wasabi and Neri mustard is the same, the color is, but wasabi color
and taste of the wasabi and, it is mustard color it becomes the taste of mustard and. More than 50 years is also the story of before
I was, there is a story placed in a tube kneaded wasabi, wasabi a large amount not had for
Western wasabi (horseradish (horseradish, scientific name: Armoracia rusticana) in the color
to wear, wasabi and mustard I was in to. If you colored in wasabi color wasabi, dressed in mustard color
now mustard and color. as things would change until the taste and changing the color I human
is. now, foreign in sushi has issued to people for tourists, kneading wasabi is genuine
, but I do not know whether wasabi is being used, the beautiful colors of wasabi and mustard is,
might not be the real thing.
in addition, public relations charge was Samantha.
PS, this time, the material of the mustard batter and the batter wasabi I went to the supermarket and take a look something.




I'm Samantha.

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