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The low country of the Advisory Council is level

According to the NHK news of November 11, disposal of contaminated water tritium, the reputational damage
to debate, is included in the contaminated water of Fukushima TEPCO first nuclear power plant, it is get rid of
difficult, how to dispose of the radioactive substance called tritium the Tour of, reputational damage
to discussion from the viewpoint of, opened the first meeting of national experts meeting, from the committee
has a sense of comfort in the community, society and there is a need to think of a way to be accepted,
the opinion of the issued It was it is. As one of the opinion, the contaminated water as drip
little by little, the level of contaminated water that does not affect the environment in a way that flow into the sea, for decades
kept flowing also, there was a suggestion of how to dispose of contaminated water That's right.
The country of the experts meeting, seems to be of such a level of the conference. Radioactivity on the planet
eating, disassemble, do you not biological or chemical changes that collect or.
I think that there is a need to test with all of the biological and chemical substances. We are,
but I put the opinion of an effective biological purification, it does not reach to the country of experts.
In addition, it was the spokeswoman Samantha.




I'm Samantha.

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