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Time and cost of tritium processing

TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, with a low concentration of contaminated water measures that continues to accumulate, removal is difficult
radioactive substance, the Working Group of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for tritium, the separation is the evaluation of the difficulty
together, the five of the processing method study as a result, how to flow into the sea diluted with water is the most short period of time
seems to have evaluated the cheap can be processed. Fukushima The first nuclear power plant on-site, the nuclear fuel fell melted
for cool, such as radioactive cesium contaminated water generated by such as water injection is has accumulated about 800,000 t
removal equipment, has been removed in the Alps, tritium water hydrogen itself to create a molecule
in which the activation, is that of a difficult to separate at some now equipment. Processing method (1)
how to be injected into the deep strata. It takes 13 years, the cost is 388.4 billion yen. (2) flow into the sea diluted with water.
7 years and 4 months. 3.4 billion yen. (3) and evaporated to release to the atmosphere. 9 years and 7 months. 34.9 billion yen. Three
pre-tested in the Mile Island. (4) electrolysis to release to the atmosphere. 5 months 8 years. 100 billion yen.
(5) covered with cement. 8 years 2 months. 152.3 billion yen. The thing and, certainly in the processing cost, with water
to dilute flow to the sea, but but we cheapest, that amount, it will be when the sea is contaminated.
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