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I, now, I feel in a certain hospital

Inpatients woman doctor was in charge, from the inpatient to male doctor was in charge,
published papers that say a low mortality rate, and, in the United States Medical Association Journal,
published Japanese researchers of local, Washington Post paper, wall
leading general paper such as Street journal, pick up gang
seems to have become a commotion about. If you do not want to die to choose a woman doctor! , And
yes there was also news to say. Really, who were asked to consult a woman doctor is
whether the safe, I wonder if such be the case in Japan. In my case, certain,
but has a long treatment at the hospital, as the impression of when you visit,
rather than male doctor of female doctors, accuracy in the interview is, that there
then you think, in my case, stethoscope sound you hear from the patient nor the doctor
I have the same sound heard, reaction to sound, female doctors and men
think that there is a difference between the doctor. This is, of course, also by a physician
I sense is the difference, in the case of a male doctor, the doctor who was in charge before
and the chart to reference, like write your own medical record, than my opinion,
doctor seen before It seems to be important that you do not come off with the medical record.
Well, because it is thoughts of the cat, I hope you'll be paying no attention.
In addition, it was the spokeswoman Samantha.




I'm Samantha.

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