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July to resuming commercial whaling

According to the net news, including the Taiji Fisheries Cooperative Association of Wakayama Prefecture
in 31 years from private contractors in July with a whaling track record in the country resumed commercial whaling
be, it seems to have found. Meat of whales ever since elementary school lunches
from, it might be eaten in 60 years, let alone 31 years. In recent years
, the whale was caught in the test whaling in front of the station Washo market of when I went to Kushiro
Have you ever seen have been sold. Whale, Edo era, of whales
seeded oil in paddy field, method of combating drop the pests on the surface of the water is in the agriculture of this
has been written. In addition, a record that ate the whale was launched in the beach
several exists. Around the time Perry has come, the oil of the whale energy
seems to have been used as ghee source. If you catch a whale, whale
so as not to deplete, when it comes to catching the planned I think is, whaling is
thank you to go on to the next generation.
In addition, it was the spokeswoman Samantha.




I'm Samantha.

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