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Buzzword, I do not know

This is published in the November 6, 2019 the buzzword Award candidate, is a total of 30 words.
While every year of it, there are a number of words that do not know at all.
Announcement is 5:00 December 2 afternoon.

Hole number (it's your turn). Life action to protect. Rice balls around phosphorus crater.
Cashless / point reduction. #KuToo. Plan suspended service. Reduced tax rate.
There is no should try allo such as regret. Subscription (subscription). jackal.
Senior citizens. Scan My ring Cinderella / Shibuko. Tapiru. Dragon Quest Walk.
Saitama in Shon. Not the meat meat. Showers fan. paprika. Handy fan (portable fan).
Poem / sexy remarks. White countries. MGC (marathon Grand Championship).
◯◯ pay. License Hen'no. Darkness sales. Not a once in four years, but once in a lifetime.
Ryowa. Reihanashi Shinsengumi / Rei I whirlwind. Man not laugh. ONE TEAM (one team).

In addition, it was the spokeswoman Samantha.




I'm Samantha.

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  • 吾輩は猫である (岩波文庫)
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