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Life selection is a topic

Like me, when I'm ready to be called by Enma-sama, I
sometimes think about my own life selection, but I'm not concerned about the life selection of others. In recent years, when
medical treatment has advanced and it is diagnosed that a prenatal child has a serious illness, it has
become possible to select not to give birth . There has been
a selection from the fact that unwanted pregnancies do not give birth, but is it possible for
humans , such as doctors, politicians, and religious figures, to select lives in the first place ? Many people are injured at once, and
even in the treatment of the new corona,
it seems that there is a need to select lives on site because there is no treatment equipment, hospitalization place, or manpower . While
there were 1.2 million abortions in 1955 and 160,000 in 2018,
many countries including Japan are worried about the future due to the declining birthrate. ..
Again, I was Samantha, the spokeswoman.




I'm Samantha.

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