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About Mr. Ichisu

Mr. Ichisu's phrase appears in a book called Showa Manyo Haiku Collection, which describes August 15, 1945.
Mr. Ichisu, I don't really know how
to read it, but there may be Ichisu, Ichisumi, or other readings.
Ichisu-san is a person I have never met
or talked to, but for many years I have been interested in Ichisu-san's phrases.
On the day of the end of the war, Mr. Ichisu
stayed at an elementary school in Kyowa Village, where I was born and raised, and was working on a tunnel at Mt. Nakao, west of the village.
This is the phrase I wrote during the tunnel work.
 Military boots stone slips slips of hot weather
  there and Sendai City Nishinodaira Umezawa Ise three (Ichi栖).
Actually, I was born on June 8, 1946. In other words, Mr. Ichisu was building a
tunnel here in Kyowa Village a year before I was born.
When I looked it up, on July 18, 1945, about 520 people from the 36395 unit
rented 13 classrooms and a gymnastics area at the nearby Kyowa Elementary School.
It seems that this unit was at Kyowa Elementary School for a while after the end of the war.
It seems that Mr. Ichisu was also staying in this.
It's a strange connection, but it seems that Mr. Ichisu has already passed away.
Then again, it was Samantha, a spokeswoman.




I'm Samantha.

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